King Hassan H4

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Vendor : Les CBDistes Français

Product Type : Extraits compressé

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King Hassan is the newest addition to our H4CBD product collection.
With a rate of 30% H4CBD, it will offer you an unparalleled relaxation experience. Looking to soothe your hectic mind or unwind after a long day? King Hassan is here for you!

The Legend of King Hassan

Imagine walking through the mountains of Afghanistan, where King Hassan himself watches over every cannabis plant. Passionate local artisans have transformed these flowers into exquisite 4CBD hash. The result ? A CBD product rich in flavors and aromas, which evokes the magic of the Orient. 🕌

A well-deserved moment of relaxation

Open your packet of King Hassan and let yourself be carried away by the captivating scents of Afghanistan. Each puff will transport you to a luxurious hammam or bustling market. You don't even need to book a flight! ✈️

Usage tips

King Hassan is as versatile as a Swiss army knife. You can enjoy it in a pipe, wrapped in a hemp leaf, or even added to your favorite dishes for an exotic touch. Just make sure you take your time and savor every moment. 🍽️

Why Choose King Hassan?

  • 30% H4CBD : The very essence of relaxation, with an H4CBD level that will get you high.
  • Flavors of Central Asia : A sensory journey through the bustling streets of Afghanistan.
  • Maximum Purity : King Hassan undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the quality and purity of every gram. 🧪

So, what are you waiting for? Order your own pack of King Hassan today and get ready for an exceptional CBD experience! 🌿😌

Warning: it should be remembered that despite the positive effects, H4CBD is not a medicine and cannot, under any circumstances, replace medical treatment.

*We always recommend that you seek advice from your treating physician.

This product complies with European legislation with a THC level < 0.3%

To consume with moderation !

After consuming CBD, it is totally not recommended to drive.

All our Hemp products are prohibited for those under 18 and not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.